How Teachers Use The Mysteries
  • There are 25 or more Mysteries in a typical Rock Detective Program 
  • You can put the Mysteries out on desks before the kids come in (morning is best) 
  • Tell your students they are going to become Rock Detectives 
  • Let the kids wander around the room and solve as many as they can--learning all the while!
  • Before long, your curious students will want to tell what they have discovered, and they will want to know more!
  • Now it is time to have a STAFF MEETING
Students (of all ages) "solve" the Mysteries, 
And Then ... Everybody Shares Ideas at a STAFF MEETING
  • This is the part of the program where everybody's ideas help discover the, Oh, Wow's!
  • This is the KEY to the Rock Detective Program 
  • The Oh, Wow's are exciting EARTH SCIENCE CONCEPTS - Tectonic plates munch together and cause earthquakes; Volcanoes recycle the Earth's crust; Salt rocks come from an evaporating ocean ... and much, much, more
  • Kids love Staff Meetings...and they will remember what they discovered, what they shared, and what they learned
  • So, gather your students together and encourage them to talk about what they think! 
  • STAFF MEETING teaching techniques are included on the answer sheet for each Mystery
Who Makes The Mysteries?
The Mysteries are created by experienced geologists with input from teachers and students. Other scientists peer review the mysteries for accuracy and content. Student reaction to individual concepts is monitored as a check on teaching techniques .

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