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255-Kaolin, Feldspar alteration and Cretaceous deposits. Gr 5-12 $6.00

Mystery includes rock, fossil, or mineral sample and Mystery questions with teaching instructions.

--Powdered Kaolin clay
Note: Kaolinite is the name associated with the pure crystalline form of the mineral. Kaolin is the name for the industrial clay, which is mostly composed of kaolinite, but also has other minerals in it.

--To introduce the process of mineral alteration.
--To define elements, atoms, and molecules.
--To introduce the concept of paleoenvironment -- that climate and sealevel have been very different in the geologic past
--To introduce the concept of flocculation, a process that helps muddy river water to clear, and the mud to accumulate in layers on the river bottom
--To differentiate between igneous, metamorphic, and sedimentary rocks
--To establish the idea that geology and geography are related.
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