The Rock Detective


Who Needs It?


Public Schools, Private Schools, and School Systems

  • Average Classes, G/T Classes, LD Classes
  • Native American Education
  • Alternative Schools
  • Home Schooling

Community Programs

  • Girl Scout/Boy Scout Troops (for their geology badge!)
  • Town Libraries
  • Adult Education
  • Outdoor/Parks Education Programs

Universities & College Science Department

  • Jump start your year by using it on the first day of class!
  • Teacher's Education Departments
  • A hands-on, interpretive approach to learning

Senior Citizen Education Programs

  • Elder Hostels
  • Retirement Homes & Communities

Geology Groups and Programs
Rock and Mineral Clubs

Who Can Teach It?

  • Teachers
  • Parents, Grandparents, and Caregivers (at home or as volunteers)
  • Education, Community & Senior Citizen Program Developers
  • Volunteers (parents, retirees, & others)
  • Museum Curators
  • Geologists (especially retirees!)
  • Rock Collectors
  • Rock and Mineral DIsplayers and Promoters (a hands-on come-on!)

Ruth Deike
Rock Detective Geoscience Education
395 Deer Run Drive
Nellysford , VA 96080

Phone: 434-263-3737



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